Still me.

Love and light. It is too soon for this woman that I have been blessed to know. Peace in your final journey here, love always, and many thanks for your shining presence in this world. I know your spirit will exist in volumes around your family. May they feel it with all the power, beauty and strength you have and will always be. Till we meet again. xos

Vicki Kelly

This is so hard. I usually find writing to be effortless, therapeutic almost. This entry, however, has me procrastinating, starting and stopping and even now as I try once again I am aware I could hit the delete button at any moment.

I know I need to write an update. I have put very little out about my condition since I came home from the hospital a few weeks ago. So, here we go…

Let me start by saying that more than anything, I am a lucky person. Maybe the luckiest. I have the most amazing family and friends who have sent many messages of love in one form or another. If I haven’t written back, or returned a call, please forgive me. Please know how grateful I am and how much your support helps me through these times.

Let me get right into it… my disease has progressed a…

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